Friday, December 2, 2011

Salad Spun Christmas Trees

For a few days, I walked around my house with the most brilliant idea.  I gave myself high-fives, gold stars, pats on the back, and an A+ because it was that good.  The kids would love it, I would love it, and it was creative and new.  I am sure you know where this story is going by now because very little is ever new in the blogging world. 

My Idea


We tried using both colors, but it looked better just using the green.

Even the Wee One participated.  She used her feet and sat on the salad spinner.  If you haven't noticed we love our pajamas around here.

Family made Chrsitmas garland. 

It's already been done - two-years-ago.  My ego has been deflated with one little click, but it's still a neat idea.


  1. Great idea, though! I kind of wish I had a salad spinner, Eli would have a blast.

  2. That is a beautiful garland and a good idea. For what it's worth, it's new to me!
    Not one thing I have done and blogged about is new. :( Mostly because I copy from you! ha ha

  3. Thanks! My husband noticed it right away.

    Man alive the errors! That's what I get for trying to fit in blogging, a workout, and picking up in the one hour rest time.

  4. What a great idea! Even if it's already been done you had the idea before you saw it so no bubbles need to be burst. I love the garland.

  5. Thanks ladies! I was going to make a fancy garland for our mantel, but love the kid one so much. It feels like home.