Friday, March 7, 2014

Lila Doll Review

The Wee One has two goals in life:  To be a bakery (yes, a bakery) and to be a mom.  For Christmas she asked Santa to bring her a pacifier doll.  Santa spent countless hours reading reviews of dolls and putting them in and out of her Amazon cart.  Finally, with a week to Christmas it was do or die for that pacifier doll, which she had not stopped talking about.

Here is what we, Mr. and Mrs. Clause decided would be the perfect doll:

Corolle Lila
Those Corolle dolls get me every time with their sweet smell and cuddly bodies and then I look at the price.  It's a good thing I had a major coupon for Creative Kidstuff or I would still be looking.

When she threw up her hands and screamed, "Pacifier baby!"  that is when I knew I nailed it...or so I thought.

We are almost 3 months removed from Christmas and while she loves her pacifier doll, Carly, it is not her go-to doll.  The Wee One still has a soft spot for Ladybug's first Coroelle doll.  She is often annoyed with the crying and turns Carly off, which is totally fine by me - You've never heard a parent say a toy is too quiet.  The pacifier and the bottle are easy to insert in the doll's mouth, but I wish the pacifier would have come attached to the wrist or with a clip. We ended up using a ribbon to tie the pacifier to Carly's wrist after I spent hours (hours!) searching for it.  The doll is a good size, soft, and smells divine.

Overall I think this doll is a good doll and far less annoying than a lot of other interactive dolls.

Monday, March 3, 2014

It's a Baby Thing

Poor June. Poor sweet number four June is defiantly the baby.  She wears hand-me-downs times three and gets recycled gifts.  The good news is that she's not my test model so there's that. 

Her March box of crap (treasure basket) was one of the Wee One's favorite.

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