Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nutrition - Part 3

I am running a few days behind this last month and our November has carried over into December.  Here is the second set of activities that are on our shelf this month.


Fill in the missing letter.  I did this as a one-on-one with Mister and Ladybug before they did it alone.

Part of the -an family - This was put on the shelf after we made the -an family house.


Measuring vegetables using nonstandard measurement.  The vegetable printouts are taped to the tray, so they wouldn't move.  Rather than say, "Four" I had them include what was used to measure.  For example, "Four links."

Practical Life

Mister and Ladybug picked green-light recipes that we will make.

On each dot, they put on a pumpkin sticker.  The top set were cut between the stickers and the bottom set were cut on the line.  I introduced the top set first and the bottom set a few days later.


Grocery basket painting

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