Thursday, December 29, 2011

If It Isn't Loud Enough

One day my husband told me that now that the twins were three it would start to get quieter in our house.  My response was laughter.  Hunched over laughter.  Our house is loud and I think for New Year's Eve it needs to be a little louder. 

We made two different types of noise makers for our family party.  The first was a cup noise maker and the second your standard paper plate noise maker.

Cup Noise Maker
You need a plastic cup and a skewer with a pointy end.

I started the hole using a needle and a hammer.  The needle makes the hole small enough for the skewer to fit tightly without using glue.  After you have started the hole, you can insert your skewer.
 Let's make 'em shine!

I set up a supply table with all sorts of colorful decorations.  The foil circle next to the cup noise makers are for the open end of the cup.  Each circle is cut larger than the open end so the edges can be glued and wrapped.

 The Table Centerpiece

Mister and Ladybug loved this activity and the Wee One...she loved stickering her foot.  She did come running when I asked if she wanted to glitter.  Demetri Martin once said, "...Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies" and sadly it's true.  At least we sparkle over here.

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