Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your Snowy Day

Earlier this month I had paper dolls on our shelf that needed to be dressed for winter.  After reading The Snowy Day (if you don't own a copy of this, then you need one) all month we took our paper dolls and made our own snowy day.

You'll Need

Shaving cream
Glue or Mod Podge
Paper Dolls

Mix equal parts shaving cream and glue to create your own snowy day. 

Even the Wee One made her own snowy day.

Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Cold!

This is another easy idea that can be put together in minutes.  If you don't have ice cube trays, then the dollar store has them.

The Wee One laughed and laughed when I gave her this activity.  She would touch an ice cube and shout, "It's cold!"  She spent more time laughing and touching than actually putting the ice cubes in the tray.  Mister and Ladybug were able to see the ice melt and we were able to discuss how ice changes into water. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Superhero Training

What is Superhero Training without the training part? 

The Identification - Each child was fingerprinted and given an i.d. when they signed in.  The kids were so excited to have a new name.

Each child was given a name badge with their real name and superhero name based on the card they returned.  Ladybug's favorite color is purple, so she was Violet Girl.  Mister was Masked Ranger.  We also had  Lily Lightening, Winter Freeze,  Moon Racer, Lady Emerald, and Amethyst Storm.

The Games - Flying, running, jumping, coloring, villain chasing...

Skyline Coloring - This took about an hour to create and it's still being used!  You need a $.99 roll of white paper, a thick permanent marker, a straight edge, and a glass of wine. 

Building Jumping

Villain Crushing - The superheros had to stomp out the villains that invaded the kitchen.

Capture This!  The older girls (around 8) loved this more than anything.  We had some modeling going on with begging for more pictures.  I will include a few snapshots of their superhero modeling in the thank you cards.

Two styrofoam balls were attached to a dowel to create superhero strength.

The Favors - In addition to the capes and candy buckets the children received a mask and a Certificate of Achievement.

And that's a Superhero Training birthday!  A big thank you to all the parents and party planners who have done a superhero party because you gave me so much inspiration.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Superhero Refueling Station

How many kid birthdays have you been to where there is actual kid eating?  Usually the kids enjoy the treats and little else and Mister and Ladybug's party was no exception. 

Superhero Food

Mini heroes for the kids - Ham and cheese and turkey and cheese (additional toppings on the side)

Adult sandwiches

To Drink - It really was a punch

Jelly jar size  mason jars were used for drinking.

The Goodies - Each child was given a Batman bucket (Target Dollar Section) to fill with candy to go.  We also included one wrapped cake pop for their buckets. 

Chocolate cake pops - Mister and Ladybug helped decorate

Yellow cake with chocolate chips and buttercream frosting.  The the right was rock candy suckers and the left blue and red Sixlets, Wonder Woman Lassos (red licorice ropes), yellow star suckers (Michaels). 

Mister and Ladybug are sugar detoxing this week.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'll See Your One and Raise You Two

This was the first activity that I did with  Mister and Ladybug almost 3 years ago.  I was amazed at how easy it was to put together and how long they played.  I saw that Mister had an easier time, but with practice it was just as easy for Ladybug.  I pulled this out (and made a modification) for the Wee One since she loves circles.  What's better than 10 poker chips and a container?

The slit in this container is wide so she can easily slip in the poker chips.

The Wee One needed more of a challenge, so the slit in the milk jug is narrow.  She has to insert the chip and push.

A flap in the back makes for easy retrieval.  The Wee One did find that it was easier to put handfuls in this way.

Monday, January 23, 2012

So You Want to be a Superhero

When Mister and Ladybug told me they wanted a SUPERHERO birthday I was very excited. I didn't have to convince Ladybug that Mister didn't love Dora as much as she did and didn't have to convince Mister that Ladybug wasn't into big trucks.  If you stay away from the typical party stores it is the perfect unisex party. 

I started out with a Google search and I cam across the most irresistible superhero party.  Every detail was perfect and this was my inspiration.

The Invite

The entire invite was done using Word.  If you are pressed for time check out ETSY (search: superhero invitation) for some really great invitations.
Each invitation came with a postcard for the superhero in training to return.

The Decor - Tablescape

The "tablecloth" is a flat bed sheet I found on clearance at Target.  

The buildings were made from cardboard, covered in wrapping paper, and the details were drawn.

The glass vases had "windows"  made from Duct Tape sheets sold at any craft store.  The stars are suckers from Michaels. 

The Kids' Tables

I bought three  DC Comics from the early 80s and late 70s at Half-Priced Books for around a dollar and glued them to pre-made placemats (Touch of Color) from the party store.  The DC Comic books pages were also used to make the birthday banner. 

Square craft foam was covered in wrapping paper and superhero cutouts were added.  Mister's had Batman instead of Wonder Woman.

Not pictured is the window where a speech bubble said, "Superhero Refueling Station" surrounded by red, blue, and yellow stars.

Welcome Superheroes

This was an 11 pm the night before idea that was done quickly and not up to my usual standards, but man alive was I tired.

The Door - Oh boy it's another wreath

This is a cupcake wrapper wreath.  It took 4 packages of cupcake wrappers for a 14" wreath and I could have put on one more.

Not pictured is a "Welcome New Superheroes" sign and balloons on the front porch. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Tomorrow will bring more superhero fun.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Before You Recycle

use it!

The Wee One is still loving circles and painting, but she can't quite make a circle using a crayon and paper yet.  I wanted to get her circle fix, so I gave her empty small jars for her to stamp circles.  She picked the color and went to town making circles.  She stamped circles for about 20 minutes before she told me she was all done. 

I chose jars that she could hold in one hand for stamping.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ball Walk

It's funny how toddlers are content for a long time making piles and moving their piles. Something so simple can be the best entertainment.  This idea came from the Wee One when she was carrying a ball around in a shovel at my parent's house and her love of piles.

I put out two bins across the room. from each other.  One of the bins was full of different kinds of balls that ranged from golf ball size to toddler soccer ball size and a shovel.  The other bin was empty.  When the Wee One saw the bin full of balls she squealed and knew exactly what to do.  She put a ball on her shovel and carefully walked to the empty bin. 

Oh the excitement of a bin full of balls!

Some of the balls fit into the shovel so she could run to the other bin, while other balls fit on top and she had to walk slowly and carefully to the bin.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mystery Picture

This idea came from here and it has been so much fun, I have done it three times with Mister and Ladybug.  The first time they were so surprised to see a picture emerge from their paining.  Ladybug told me when she was finished, “I was SO surprised!”

On a sheet of white paper draw or write with white crayon and let your child/children watercolor.  When I gave this activity to Mister and Ladybug I didn't hint that there would be a surprise on the paper.

The -at family
This time I included the Wee One in the fun because she loves to paint.  At first she just dipped her paintbrush in the water and put a few marks on her paper until I guided her to use the whole paper to see her surprises.  She shouted, “CIRCLE!”

Ladybug helped her sister with painting her mystery picture.

If your kiddos watercolor like my children, then you’ll want to use watercolor paper for this activity.  I ran out of watercolor paper the second time and we had rips everywhere.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Every Snowman Needs Marshmallows!

Marshmallow snowmen aren't anything new.  They are cute, easy to make, and marshmallows always taste a little better with some glue.  I wanted to take this a step further than putting marshmallows on the circle since that was the Wee One's modification, so I had them trace circles and rectangles on a large piece of blue foam.

The circle and hat stencils were made from cereal boxes.

After they made their circles, we put on the marshmallows and waited a day for them to dry...my kids like glue.  Mister and Ladybug added buttons, a hat, eyes, stick arms, and a nose to finish their snowman/snow woman.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Circle is Round

The Wee One received a new shape sorter for Christmas since our old one broke.  It was perfect timing since she loves to put objects into containers and she has started looking at her shape books more.  Mister and Ladybug were doing an art activity that was too complex for the Wee One, so I gave her the same materials and did a modification to focus a circle.

I named and showed her the circle.  Together we traced the circle with our fingers and then I put on some glue.  I asked the Wee One to pick up a marshmallow and I guided her hand to the circle.  We did 4-5 more like that before I let her explore on her own. She enjoyed putting a few on and taking them off.  Of course she ate a few a lot and was a sticky mess when we finished, but she had a good time and had amazing concentration.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Would Think I Would Learn

We have been using a lot of glitter and I am finding it everywhere.  I think in my efforts to clean it up has lead to the glitter multiplying or at least spreading and clumping all at the same time.  So, when I saw glittery bells I should have walked away.  Oh no my eyes lit up and I said, "OH GLITTERY BELLS!"  I am not going to write what I have been saying now about the glittery bells. 

These bells just fit into the IKEA ice cube mold.  She had to give them a little push to get them all they way in. 

The Wee One tried dumping them back out into the little basket, but found that even when the tray was upside down bells stayed in.