Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year of Good Luck

Last year we started eating sushi, "fun do" (fondue), special desserts, and punch in champagne glasses on New Year's Eve as a family.  We may have let them stay up until nine and if you know my husband and I that is a BIG deal.  Mister and Ladybug talked about that night for months.  It was special for the entire family and we are looking forward to repeating it again this year. 

To make this year a little different, we have begun our celebration early by making decorations for our house.  Our first decoration was Good- Luck Goldfish.  I talked to Mister and Ladybug about how the goldfish is good luck in China. I made sure we found China on the map and we reread This Next New Year.

You'll need:
  • Yellow or orange paper
  • Contact paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Glitter
After you have printed out the fish cut out the middle.

Rather than using plastic wrap, I cut contact paper just larger than the middle of the fish.  The Wee One loves to stick paper onto contact paper and it helps the tissue paper not get soggy.
Mister and Ladybug ripped the paper rather than having pre-cut gills.

What goldfish would be complete without glitter?  This was Mister, Ladybug, and the Wee One's favorite part.

I love how they turned out.  A little less finished than Family Fun, but then again I don't think they had two four-year-olds and a seventeenth month old do this project.

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