Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

So, this may date me when I say I have been doing this craft with kids for 20 years.  It's almost too painful to write because I feel like I am 20.  I thought I looked like I was 20 until I was ma'amed at the store.  I didn't realize the teen was speaking to me until he or she (I can't remember because I was in shock I was a ma'am) said it a few more many more times.

Anyway enough of my aging pity party, this has been two decades of kids who have loved this craft.  One child made this Santa from December until July and his mother would have to be a sleuth about getting rid of a few.  She never called me to sit again and I like to think it's because she paid more for cotton balls and paper plates in those seven months than all year.

The end of Santa's hat has a bell.  I also had Mister and Ladybug use their pincer grasp to stretch a few cotton balls.

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