Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY Baby Gift

Christmas is so close that I can hear Santa and his reindeer.  I can also hear the kiddos squealing with delight as they open their gifts.  The rush is on, and if you are still stumped for a baby gift idea, I think I have the solution.  I promise it will only take a few short hours and this is coming from a novice sewer. 

Hop on over to Notes from the Patch for the most amazing and darling hooded towels.  The first one took me a few hours (and it would have been longer had my mom not come to my rescue -I did say I was a novice) but the second one was finished in 45 minutes!

You will need:
  • Bath towels (Mine are avocado from Target)
  • One hand towel (this will make two hooded towels)
  • Thread
  • Ric-rac
  • Fabric (1/8 - 1/4 of a yard)

I did not sew the hood and the towel together like the directions.  I put right sides together and sewed the seam on the inside down.

The second baby gift is a sensory blanket.  This should only take you 10 minutes (novice sewer) to complete.  I used some remnants I had left from other projects.

When pinning on the ribbon make sure your fabric has right sides together and the ribbon loops pinned on the inside.  You want the ribbon edges to be pinned flush with the edges of the blanket. 

Line up your ribbon a straighter and more even than this picture.
Again the fabric should be even on the top. 

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