Friday, July 15, 2011

The Three Red Bottles

A few nights ago I decided I needed to make a red discovery bottle at almost 10 pm.  No, it couldn't wait until morning because I needed instant gratification.  So I made this bottle.

I loved the way the corn syrup ran down the side and the red stars floated in it.  What I didn't like was how heavy it was.  It was perfect for Mister and Ladybug, but I knew the Wee One would have a hard time.

Then I made this bottle.  It is the perfect size for little hands, but the corn syrup didn't move the same way.  It was dull, drab, boring.

While I was nursing and rocking the Wee One for a nap, I had a brillant idea.  I would use a white wine split.  It is the same shape as the large glass bottle but  light like the plastic bottle.  So, here is my red discovery bottle.

You know what this means?  It means I am going to need to drink more wine.

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