Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flag Art

I am not an artist.  I was often asked what I was drawing by my students.  I would tell them and it would leave many of them scratching their heads.  In college I had to take a teacher preperation art class and the instructer's comments were along the lines of "interesting..."  What I lack in ability I make up for in enthusiasm.  I love art and I love making art with my kiddos.  Mister and Ladybug love to finger painting and really most kids enjoy making a mess.  Recently, the days run together, we made American flag art.

To begin, I presented the American flag to Ladybug and Mister and we talked about the flag's characteristics.  Then, I gave them paper and red and blue finger paint and asked them to make an American flag on their paper. 

A few days after we did our art, I showed them six American flag paintings.  I put them out on the rug and let them think about what they were seeing. 

When they were ready, I asked them what each one was.  Mister and Ladybug knew that each one was an American flag.  We talked about how they are alike and different.  Ladybug and Mister worked together put the flags into a group that looks just like the American flag and a group that looks like the American flag.  We discussed realist or concrete art and abstract art and if the art they made looks more realist or more abstract. 

I have left the American flag prints in a basket on the shelf if they want to continue to study them.


  1. Sigh. You are so awesome. Can I send my kids to your house?

  2. Only if I can send them to your house too!