Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Play With Your Food

The Wee One had her first painting experience using plain whole fat yogurt dyed red with mashed up raspberries.  I could have used red dye, but I like to try to keep things as natural as I can (aside from the Oreos I am eating now).  I can't think of a better medium for a new 1 year old because it's edible, the raspberries give it texture, and it's a little cold. 

You want me to do what?!

Ladybug and Mister did a similar activity at 1, but with pudding and paper.  I was so grossed out that it took a lot of thought to do it again.  I think it helped there was no paper involved.

Of course Mister and Ladybug had to get in on the action.  It would only be fair, so they practiced writing letters on a plate of yogurt.