Thursday, July 14, 2011

Right Said Red

Three years ago I bought color boxes from Lakeshore.  The teacher in me told me I HAD to have them.  The mom in me now knows that I could have done just the same for a lot less money. 

I like that the box is small and she can carry it around.  What I don't like is the top is difficult to take off.  I think a flip top or an open red basket would work better. 

Originally the boxes came with 4 items, but I have gathered a few more to put in her red box.  She has had a great time pulling items in and out of of the box.  So far, the ball and the car have been her favorite red items. 

When I introduced her red box, I put it on her mat and let her explore.  After 2 days, I presented the box on the floor with three items.  I picked up an item and said, "This is a red ____."  I repeated it two more times..  She explored the three items and I said, "Wee One, can you please give me the red ____?"  If she didn't give me the correct item I would hold up the item I had asked for and said, "This is the red ___."   The whole time it was kept light and fun with no pressure to be right.


  1. Love it and will copy it. Surprise!
    We need to live closer so we can set up a toy and supply share. ;)

  2. Oooooo, I love this! I need to make some of these boxes up for Eli.

  3. Hi there!

    Last year I did a series of "Colour Fun" posts for teaching colours, including a post on "Buckets of Colour", much like yours here! You might enjoy the series...

    Georgia :)

  4. Georgia I love the small buckes just right for little hands. I think I am going to have to have boxes and buckts! Thanks for the link!