Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Do You Solve A Problem

Mister and Ladybug have access to nearly everything in the kitchen thanks to our Learning Tower. And thanks to the Mister who generously handed over some money from selling his scooter to pay for this little gem.  Anyway, we use this everyday and it really  makes them feel like part of the cooking process.  It is also their job to set the table for dinner throw the placemats, napkins, and forks on the table for dinner.  So, here is our first problem: they don't know how to set the table even after showing them numerous times. 

Our second problem is table manners or lack of table manners.  While visiting some friends this past weekend it became clear that I am raising floppy cows.  Her child was so well mannered at the table that I vowed to make a change.

How do you solve a problem like little ragamuffins without being a nag?  You get them involved on their level, you make it fun, and you make it relevant and that is how I finally got around to preparing the kitchen.

I cleaned out a cabinet and made it all their own.  On the top shelf are snacks and on the bottom are the things they need to set their table.  The utensils are in a a popsicle mold, the pitcher is from Ikea, and the plates and glasses are from the Goodwill.  All the items are placed on nonslip mats.  You will notice that everything is breakable because I want Mister and Ladybug to take care in handling their things.  I want them to know the consequence of being flippant.  What I did not do is set up the space according to Montessori from the Start, but I am sure I will be forgiven.

 In a closed cabinet, they have their cleaning supplies.  In the bottle is vinegar and water for spraying their table.

 In the bottom shelf of the fridge, they also have food that they can choose. 

These are Mister and Ladybug's placemats to help them remember how to set the table.  My good scissors are missing (I put them in a really safe place), so I used a permanent marker to trace the utensil patterns I found on Google.  I will probably making new wipeable placemats until they get a little better at not spilling.

And here are my children eating at their new table.  Ideally their feet would be touching the floor, but the funds are zero for a new table and I can't bare to cut the legs off my childhood table.  I am already regretting I painted it green.

After they finished eating, I realized I need a system for dirty dishes.  It is an always evolving process.

P.S. Grrr I can't bear it.  *Sigh* Homonyms.


  1. OMG I love it. I am going to do this with a cabinet. For the record, I love the table green!

  2. I can't wait to seea picture! I am sure they will love it.