Friday, July 29, 2011

A Case of the Lazy

Slowly I have been making each room a bit more Ladybug, Mister, and Wee One friendly.  They have always had access to any cabinet or drawer except the cleaning supplies and medicine, but they haven’t had any bins to call their own.  This creates messes beyond you want to see, but when they pull the books out of the built-ins and play library or laugh hysterically at the Nutty Professor DVD cover, how can I get mad?

Every night I sit down and look at these two bins and tell myself I should really clean those out.  I try to convince myself by saying it will only take 10 minutes, but I am tired by the time 8 o’clock comes around.   I look at the bins and tell myself tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow finally came.  Our library books have a home and there are writing supplies ready to go.  I used the lowest shelf and Mister and Ladybug have no problem getting out the bins.  Now if I can only find some seating and get a small basket for the Wee One we will be set.  I will get on that tomorrow or when the Wee One starts sleeping through the night. 

Also the dirty dish into the sink problem has been solved and for $1 and some change. 

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