Monday, September 10, 2012

I Hope I Didn't Miss It

The Wee One has always been interested in numbers, shapes, and counting, but letter haven't been on her radar until about a month ago.  She started asking me to tell her the names of all the letters she saw and I complied, but with a busy last month of summer I put off putting together any real activities.  Now, I am hoping that I didn't miss the critical timing for her interest in literacy.  Then again, I am not sure I would trade our last month hurrah anyway.

To kick off the our month I introduced the sensory bin, as usual, and brought back homemade play dough.

Apple cookies, apple pie, and apple muffins
While Mister and Ladybug were at school, I took opportunity to formally introduce the letter Aa. I started off by showing her the miniatures and we named each one.  Next, I showed her the sand paper letter and made the short a sound.  After she repeated the sound a few times we looked at pictures of the miniatures and matched them.

By this time she was ready to do some actual work, so I gave her a new alphabet notebook - the same I used with Mister and Ladybug.

Mister's Alphabet Book from when he was 2-3.
I apologize for the blurry image.  The camera battery went dead right after I took this shot and my dear husband blew up my camera trying to fix it with his man tools.  I am at the mercy of any camera that I can find in the house.

The Wee One pasting her pictures.  You may notice the scissors and she did help me cut out the Aa.

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