Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Desert - Part 2

Remember when you were a kid and an hour felt like forever and summer dragged on?  By August I couldn't wait to get back to school and I am sure that's  how my kids have been feeling.  They have been lamenting that they NEVER get to play in the snow and they NEVER get to have hot chocolate.  Really, because I feel like we just finished winter.  This summer went by so fast and it wasn't until Monday that I realized it was September.

A little late, but here are the final Desert activities on our shelf.


Cactus flower addition


-th blend matching
Science/Practical Life

The Wee One

Matching the diamonds on the diamondback rattlesnake.

And now I must wake Ladybug and Mister from a nap.  How much longer do you think I am going to get of this peaceful mid afternoon break?


  1. Very interesting how you pulled this theme together.

  2. Lisa, it wasn't what I wanted or planned to do during this month. However, we had some fun and unexpected field trips, so school was put on hold. Also, Mister and Ladybug are fascinated with cacti.