Saturday, October 23, 2010

The End of Letter I

We finally wrapped up the Letter I.  I am pretty sure they are tired of doing I words, since the igloos were slow going and their hearts weren't into it.

H didn't like matching the numbers on the clothes pins to the numbers on the cards.  She preferred to count and stick any clothespin on the correct number.
They glued on cones and then rolled the die.  The number that came up was how many scoops they put on their cone.

They rolled the die again and that number was how many sprinkles to put on their ice cream. 

The igloos are white paint, white paper, and wax paper.  They also helped me write the word "igloo".  After they wrote the letter we pointed to each letter and the letter.
G and H "built" the uppercase I and added an inchworm. 

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