Monday, March 26, 2012

Windy Days

Last Sunday it was really windy and we had the opportunity to fly kites kicking off our windy week.  Many of the activities stayed the same, but I included some shapes, art, and science.

Fine Motor - I taped together a piece of paper and had Mister and Ladybug cut along the lines to make a windsock.  They punched a hole in the top and we put string through so we could attach it to our tree.

Sensory - How do these triangles fit? 

Mister and Ladybug had a diamond kite and they had to put on four triangles to decorate their kite. 

Science - We talked a lot about tornadoes, hurricanes, and how wind moves. 

Cotton ball races - Mister and Ladybug found they couldn't go on top of the cotton ball to make it move.

Art - Paper bag windsocks - Mister and Ladybug created a weather scene using dot markers and added streamers to blow in the wind.

Movement - We created wind with our bodies and made the scarves move in the wind.

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