Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brr It's Cold - Part 2

I know, I know it's February, but we did a lot of activities at the end of the month.  Here's the second set of trays on our shelves.

Roll and add - Beginning addition


Ending sounds - I found Mister wasn't looking at every letter and would put a "t" on the end of every word. 

Practical Life

As the ice cubes melted the activity became harder.  The Wee One also participated in this activity.


AB patterns, AABB patterns, and ABC patterns


Mister and Ladybug used a marker to color on coffee filters and then a water dropper (practical life and great fine motor/correct pencil grip) to run the marker.

I folded the paper into thirds for them to cut, but with an older child I would have him or her fold the paper.

Beautiful snowflakes (since we lack snow this year) to decorate our room.  Ladybug has been making coffee filter snowflakes every day.

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