Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Newest Family Member!

Mister and Ladybug love to rhyme...who am I kidding I love to rhyme too.  Now that they have their letter sounds down we are putting them together, so I put their our love of rhyming together with letter sounds and we have our newest family the -at family.  They have officially moved into our household. I bet you were expecting something different.

I started by sitting with Mister and Ladybug and showing them a blank house with the word -at written on the roof.  Here is a fancy Lakeshore Learning example of a word family house since I failed to take a picture.  I wrote the word cat and asked them if they could think of any words that rhymed with cat.  As they gave me the words, I wrote them down. 

The following day I presented this activity and put it on the shelf.

I realized after I put the cards on the shelf, that the colors were wrong...rushing my work.

A few days later, I introduced the moveable alphabet with the activity.

 Then I took away the cards and gave them the moveable alphabet and miniatures.

Because I wanted them to feel successful, I used a lot of scaffolding. When it came time to spell the words without the help of the cards, I was impressed how easy they found the work.  There were smiles from Mister and Ladybug when they completed the activity.  They are now picking out the -at family in print! 

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