Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Like You

The Wee One has started mimicking her brother and sister.  If they run, she runs.  If they scream, she screams.  If they are using stickers, then she is trying to get at the stickers.  We have a very loud and active house.

Recently Mister and Ladybug were doing a sticker activity and the Wee One spent fifteen minutes trying to get a sticker.  She tried to go under, over, and around while I tried to lure her in with activities.  Finally, I gave up and gave her a sheet of stickers of her own.  She spent the next twenty minutes focused on putting stickers on the top of a lid.  Even today, she asked me to "open" her stickers.

This turned into a great activity for her fine motor skills.  It took her a lot of concentration to transfer the stickers from her hand to the lid.  After she was finished, I removed the stickers and it was ready for another day.

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