Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All Washed Up

Tuesday and Thursdays mornings are the Wee One and my mornings because Mister and Ladybug are at preschool.  It gives me an opportunity to really focus on her and she enjoys it because there are other hands to get in the way.  For one of our Tuesday mornings we washed miniature pumpkins. I first saw this activity  under practical life activities on Montessori Mom and tucked it away until this month.  The Wee One played with this for an hour!  Mister and Ladybug caught sight of it and insisted that they have a chance too.

The water play set up.  I am not sure what I was thinking when I put the towel under the tub.  As if that would soak up puddles and puddles.

Half way through I got smart.  When the mess became a little too big, I gave it a quick mop and she was back to playing.

After 30 minutes I added more warm water, bubbles, and orange food coloring. 

I must have a little psychic power because water play was today's activity on 30 Days to Hands On Play.  If you haven't checked this out, you really  need to.  We play all day here, but sometimes it feels good to have more direction because I am all thought out some mornings.

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