Friday, November 11, 2011

A Basket Of Fruits

Last week on the Wee One's shelf, I put a basket of fruits for her to explore.  She also picked the coffee can on the shelf to put her fruits in and dump them back into the basket.  While she was playing with them, I described the pineapple as rough, the apple as smooth and red, the strawberries as small, etc.  After she had played with the fruits, I chose the banana, orange, and apple to do short and modified 3-period lesson

This basket has been used from ages one through eight with each group finding their own way to play with them. 

When the Wee One abandoned her fruits, Mister and Ladybug played eye spy with me.  I put out all the fruit and said something like, "I spy a fruit that is rough."  Mister and Ladybug each had a change to give clues for their fruit.

We did fruit sorting. 
  • Peels vs. No peels
  • Skin I eat vs. Skin I don't eat
  • Small vs. Large
  • Fruit I like vs. Fruit I don't like
  • Colors
Finally, we put them from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. 

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