Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sticky Art

For Ladybug and Mister's first Christmas, they were given First Art : Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos.  We love this book and have done many of the suggested activities.  Now that Mister and Ladybug are officially preschoolers (pass the tissues), I have passed the book down to the Wee One.  She is only 14 months, but some of the activities are appropriate for her age too. 

I gathered some collage materials and taped down a piece of contact paper.  We started by feeling the sticky contact paper and then I showed her how to stick something onto the paper.  I told her that the pom-pom was sparkly and green.  For each item on the tray I told her the color and another adjective. 

What I found was she really liked the cotton balls.  She liked the way they some of the cotton ball was left behind on the contact paper and the soft ripping sound it made when she pulled them up.  She also liked trying to draw on the contact paper. 

The pom-poms, yarn, foil were left untouched.  The feathers were used to tickle faces.


  1. We have to stop reading each other's minds! We are very much sisters from another mister. I have a post like this ready for Thursday (an activity with Mini Me) and one ready for a few weeks from now (an activity with Little Lady). Contact paper makes fun art!Using a cotton ball is a really fun idea - I like that one.

    How much should we charge when we open our in-home school for little ones together? ;)