Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Sorting

Earlier this month I blogged about a soccer ball drop and I mentioned that I fancied it up, so we could do an extension activity later in the month.  Well, here is our extension activity.  I introduced sorting to the Wee One. 

First I showed her a football and said, "This is a football."  I then showed her a soccer ball and said, "This is a soccer ball."  I repeated it a few times and then showed her the football container and the soccer ball container.  Together, we put in a few footballs in the correct container and a few soccer balls in the correct container.  It was a ambitious activity, but sometimes a little stretch doesn't hurt. 

While she was dropping the balls, I realized that the footballs had to be put in upright.  This also gave her a challenge.


  1. How did she do? I was going to try a simple color sort today but I didn't know if it would be pushing it yet.

  2. She kind of understood what I asked her to do. What she really wanted to do was throw the balls all over the room.