Monday, September 26, 2011

Number - O

Recently Ladybug and I were working on initial sounds and when we came to the numbers six and ten, she was stumped.  I realized that we needed to work on number recognition, so we played number bingo or Number - O as I like to call it. 

I wrote the numbers 0-10 and "Free" on stickers and they placed the stickers on their Number - O cards.  After we reviewed the numbers, we played a few games (I did not show them the number cards).  This not only served as fun, but also an assessment.  It was easy for me to see which numbers they were confusing and which ones they just didn't know. 

Mister and Ladybug had to cover their entire card and tell me each number.  Their prize for winning was half a Life Saver.  We play big or go home.

Ladybug was stumped when it came to the six and the nine, so she put the stickers on the Number - O cards and counted. 

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