Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pulling Double Duty

What's better when you take an ordinary object and turn it into a game? It's when two different age groups can use the same thing, but in different and appropriate ways.  That's what happened when I cut a huge hole (bigger than I anticipated, but you know when you are trying to get a straight line and it keeps getting larger and larger and larger...) in a gallon milk jug.

Toddler - The Wee One is inserting cotton balls into the top.  She quickly figured out that she couldn't just drop them in, but had to push.  She loved the big retrieval hole.

By day a fine motor skill activity and by night a hat.

Preschool - Mister and Ladybug did a beanbag toss using the milk jug.  Each beanbag has a number 1-3 and when they made a basket, they put that many counters in their cup.  When we played a few rounds, we counted up how many were in each cup.

I placed the brown mat a few different places, so they would experience success, but it wouldn't be too easy. 

The counters and cups.

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