Thursday, July 26, 2012

Calling All Shoppers

One of my mommy friends sent out the word that Target would be starting their semi-annual 70% off toy sale.  Oh glorious gluttony of toys I was going to embark on when I realized we could do some good too.  The Wee One and I went first to get some Christmas shopping out of the way, then picked up Mister and Ladybug from a preschool program to return to one of the four Targets in our area.

On the way I explained we would be picking up a few toys to donate when Christmas rolls around.  We talked about how some children are less fortunate us and don't get toys at Christmas.  Mister and Ladybug were very concerned and agreed we should take this opportunity to purchase toys at a good price.  So, if you happen to be at Target and it's not too picked over, maybe you want to purchase a few items too because we all know how hectic Christmas season can get.


  1. I stumbled on this huge toy sale and didn't even think about Christmas. Selfish me. What a fantastic idea, Melissa!

  2. Thanks, Amanda. Now the real question will be if I remember where I stashed them once the Holidays roll around.