Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to the Beach - Birthday Bash Part Two

What is a party without food and fun?    


For Grazing - Chips,dip, fish crackers, fruit kabobs, ham kabobs, pink rock candy, blue Sixlets, salt water taffy, jello shots, and cookies.

Ham, cheese, and pineapple

Fruit kabobs and jello shots kid style.  I attempted, twice, to make a jello fish bowl like Martha Stewart and I failed both times.  
Sea stars and fish kid decorated cookies and Nutter Butter flip flops.
Fresh squeezed pink lemonade and crab dip.

The Meal

Mini hamburgers and mini corn dogs, seashell pasta salad, crab cakes, and corn on the cob.

The Treats  - An ice cream bar!  Like most of the country we are having a very hot summer and I couldn't imagine turning on the oven, so we had an ice cream station.

The Fun!

The Wee One's birthday present from us and grandparents.  It's good to have a summer birthday when things go on sale.
Water logged?  Draw a picture in the shade.
Water balloon fight!
Water balloon toss

Dancing USA!  Beach Boys and Jan and Dean for our listening and dancing pleasure.

The Favors
T-shirts purchased for a little over a dollar at Goodwill and made into a bag.
Each beach bag had a DIY hooded towel, sunglasses, bubbles, and a squirt gun.  

Happy 2nd Birthday to my "HOLY *$% IT'S POSITIVE!"  We love you!

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  1. Good to hear about your beach birthday bash and quite sure that it was a great party. I am searching for awesome lofty spaces for arranging my best friend’s birthday next month. Hope to find one in time and in budget.