Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Sensory Bin - Holy Frijoles

This month is brought to you by El Skippito Friskito and Mexico.

Mister and Ladybug were given SkippyJon Jones for their 3rd birthday and it has sat on the shelf mostly unread.  A few times we have tried to get through the book, but it wasn't until we listen to the audio version with Judith Schachner that Miser and Ladybug that they fell in love with series.  Even the Wee One walks around saying, "Not your beans!" I am taking their love for El Skippito Friskito, as he is known around here, we are doing a country study of Mexico.   It's time to dust off the Spanish (four credits shy of my degree) and take a trip to Mexico.

Edit - Never, ever try to take a picture and do a post before your first cup of coffee while your children are recovering from being sick. 


  1. Oh, Skippy Jon Jones... the bane of my bedtime routines. That book seems like it takes forever to read but it sure is cute, and it's one time my son doesn't cry, "No Spanish, Mommy!"

  2. I just realized I took the picture upside down. Going to fix now...

  3. Amanda, you should try the book on tape, er cd. The kids go wild for it.