Monday, April 2, 2012

April Sensory Bin - E-I-E-I-O

I am not a farm kind of gal.  Dare I say I can't stand going to the farm babies at the zoo and often tell the kiddos we just don't have time.  In my defense I am allergic to all things farm, so we just stay away.  That being said I have deep respect for people who farm and I want my children to know where their food comes when they find a tasty dinner on their plates.

Behold the farm!

Mister and Ladybug were the creators (minus the letters) of their sensory bin.  I started out singing "Old McDonald" and then read a farm animals book.  Then, we made a list of things found on a farm and went on a hunt in our playroom for farm animals and farm related objects.  I gave them a choice between beans (I am forgetting which ones) or lentils and they picked lentils.  I am happy they made that choice because we haven't used them a sensory bin and they have a soft texture.

Mister and Ladybug have a tendency to go all out on their sensory bin and then peter out by the second week, so I have a farm words hunt that I will put on the shelf to encourage them to use their sensory bin more.

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  1. Evan would be beside herself if she had a farm sensory bin. I like the word hunt book. Cool idea!