Thursday, April 5, 2012

Farm - Part 1

We started our farm study with talking about pigs.  We read If You Give a Pig a Pancake and I Like Me.


Pig in the mud


What's the sum?

The equations were writtin with numbers on one side and dots on the other. 


Practical Life

Cow squirter water transfer

Putting on a washer and screwing onto the butterfly.

Mister needs a lot of work on correct pencil grip (he still hasn't decide if he is lefty or a righty yet!) and this tweezing activity helps develop those fine motor skills.  The Wee One liked to tickle herself with the feathers.


Farm babies puzzle

I mixed in a few Easter activities for no other reason than they are fun.


  1. Please don't tell me you have three kids, house, dog, husband to maintain and you put together all these great activities for just Tuesday! I might as well quit now. If I do just one of these in a day I feel like a rock star.

  2. I also don't work outside the home and travel like you. I commend moms who work outside the home, take care of a home, and a small farm (you know what I mean). Plus a lot of these will stay on the shelves for at least 2 weeks.