Friday, January 27, 2012

Superhero Training

What is Superhero Training without the training part? 

The Identification - Each child was fingerprinted and given an i.d. when they signed in.  The kids were so excited to have a new name.

Each child was given a name badge with their real name and superhero name based on the card they returned.  Ladybug's favorite color is purple, so she was Violet Girl.  Mister was Masked Ranger.  We also had  Lily Lightening, Winter Freeze,  Moon Racer, Lady Emerald, and Amethyst Storm.

The Games - Flying, running, jumping, coloring, villain chasing...

Skyline Coloring - This took about an hour to create and it's still being used!  You need a $.99 roll of white paper, a thick permanent marker, a straight edge, and a glass of wine. 

Building Jumping

Villain Crushing - The superheros had to stomp out the villains that invaded the kitchen.

Capture This!  The older girls (around 8) loved this more than anything.  We had some modeling going on with begging for more pictures.  I will include a few snapshots of their superhero modeling in the thank you cards.

Two styrofoam balls were attached to a dowel to create superhero strength.

The Favors - In addition to the capes and candy buckets the children received a mask and a Certificate of Achievement.

And that's a Superhero Training birthday!  A big thank you to all the parents and party planners who have done a superhero party because you gave me so much inspiration.


  1. You are so creative and I feel so inspired. The jury is still out on what he wants for a party, but this is at the forefront of MY mind.
    I just can't tell you how impressed I am!

  2. What got them really excited was the garbage I mean DC Superhero books from the library.