Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where Does It Belong?

A few months ago I started color boxes and activities, but the Wee One didn't take to it like I thought.  I put colors on the back burner and focused on things she did like.  I admit I was a little disappointed because Mister and Ladybug loved learning about colors and I was excited to do all coloring, painting, and color exploration I had done with them.  However, while reading a book I was surprised to find that she knew her colors, so I took the opportunity to do a color matching activity.

I taped a red rectangle and a purple construction paper rectangle to the floor and on half-way across the room I put a bucket of red and purple objects for sorting.  I purposely filled it with more objects than I thought she would do just in case this was a home run.

Placing the bucket across the room satisfied her need for carrying and grouping objects in other locations.

Before we started we walked over to the colors and I said, "This is red" and we touched the red.  We repeated with purple.  I showed her the bucket and told her to pick something and take it to the rectangles.   She correctly matched many of items, but insisted that I come with her each time.  After 10 minutes she was distracted by a squirrel and didn't return to our game, but I consider it a success. 

Squirrel distraction
Now, the quetion is do I do some of those activities that I had planned, or do I move onto something new?


  1. This is good, good stuff. I was going to do something similar with my girl but I wondered if it was too advanced. Good to know your wee one had success and now she's given me the oomph to try it at our house!

  2. Glad you like it! I left out the bucket for a few more days and Mister and Ladybug enjoyed sorting too. Let me know she likes it.