Monday, October 10, 2011

Nocturnal Animals - Part One

Well, the printer had it's final print last week.  Mister did a little too much tinkering with it trying to figure out how it worked and it's done.  It's a drag because I had a few things things to add to my shelf that needed to be printed off.  At least he finally figured out how it full.


I introduced skip counting with this activity.  Next week I will have them join me on the rug to look for a pattern in this activity using the calendar.


Rhyming Boxes - This is a pill box with pictures taped to the top.  Mister and Ladybug must match the rhyming words from the miniatures in the basket.  It's a two-fold activity since they must open the each compartment too.

 Practical Life

This fun activity is a carryover from our Sports Spectacular month.  I love that this activity takes concentration to keep the balls from rolling off.  Thanks to A Bit of This and A Bit of That for this neat activity. 

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