Monday, October 24, 2011

Find It and Name It

We are enjoying our final days of being able to play at the park before we are blanketed in snow and by blanket I mean Mother Nature dumping an insane amount of snow that will last from November until May.  Last week, we jumped at the chance to play at the park on a sunny day and I had Mister and Ladybug collect things for an activity we would be doing later in the week.

When we arrived at the park, I told Mister and Ladybug that they needed to find eight different things to put in their paper bags for an activity.  My only stipulation was that it had to be already on the ground, except for the dead flower heads on the day lilies.

Mister and Ladybug rushed around collecting their things before playing on the playground.  It was a task to keep them focused on 8 things and I had to remind them that they probably wouldn't find much on the slide.

A few days later, we revisited their bags and taped the eight items onto a large piece of paper.  After they taped them down, which was a challenge for Mister, we identified and wrote the initial sound.

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