Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creepy Crawlers - Part Two

Today was all about worms and Google informed me we were oligochaetologists.  I hadn't planned on including worms since they aren't actually insects, but Mister and Ladybug are infatuated with them since we have so many in our garden.

These bug magnifiers were $3 at the local teacher supply store.  They are easier for Mister and Ladybug to use than magnifying glasses. 
We used dirt, sand, water, dead leaves to make a worm habitat.  I made sure I used the word habitat to reinforce the concept of what worms need to live.
Our finished worm habitats.  We stored them in a dark place in our classroom.

Ladybug has been asking relentlessly to paint, but we keep running out of time.  Today I made it a priority and we did worm paintings.  Using brown paint and spaghetti, Mister and Ladybug made worm art.


  1. The worm art is GREAT! These sound like really fun ideas.

  2. What a creative thing to paint with! It looks like they had fun. :)