Friday, April 20, 2012

Open and Shut Them

The Wee One, like most kids her age, love to open and close things, so on her shelf is a farm animal open and close.  She likes to open all the boxes and put the animals in one container and then move the animals to another container.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Farm - Part 2

Last week was all about chickens!

Science - Life Cycle of a Chicken

Modified from here

Gross Motor/Fine Motor - Egg Race and Egg Toss

March was hot, well hot for March at least, so when I planned my egg activities I wanted to use real eggs outside.  However, Mother Nature decided to throw me a few curve balls and I just couldn't bring myself to use real eggs inside.  I am learning to tolerate messes, but that was out of my comfort zone.  Also ignore the children picked their outfits out alone.

Walk the line.

She might do better with her eyes open.  We used hard boiled eggs from Easter.


Find the correct sum for each equation.
Match the equation in pictures to the equation with numbers.  I want Mister and Ladybug to be able to represent equations in more than one way.  Unfortunately this didn't last too long since the Wee One removed all the stickers.

Literacy - We did a lot of reading in our sight word readers, brainstormed the -EN family, and read Little Red Hen, Where Do Chickens Come From?, and many other books.

Life on a Chicken Farm

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Piggy Says What?

An easy and quick activity to put together and do, which kept the Wee One happy for some time. Each time she put in a coin she would let out an "oink" and a snort.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Farm - Part 1

We started our farm study with talking about pigs.  We read If You Give a Pig a Pancake and I Like Me.


Pig in the mud


What's the sum?

The equations were writtin with numbers on one side and dots on the other. 


Practical Life

Cow squirter water transfer

Putting on a washer and screwing onto the butterfly.

Mister needs a lot of work on correct pencil grip (he still hasn't decide if he is lefty or a righty yet!) and this tweezing activity helps develop those fine motor skills.  The Wee One liked to tickle herself with the feathers.


Farm babies puzzle

I mixed in a few Easter activities for no other reason than they are fun.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some Days You Need A Play Day

When Mister, Ladybug, and the Wee One went into our learning room there was nothing on the shelves because we needed a play day. A day without a ton of different toys so they could really use their imagination.  I put out the Little People Farm and Little People Tractor, which we have had since Mister and Ladybug were 18 months, and some blocks.  It was so nice to see them play for 3+ hours making up new games for their Little People.  They had a farm with animals, an apple picking farm, a maze to find goodies, a beach and then I left to make lunch.  From the kitchen I could hear giggling and playing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peanut Butter Cups

All three of my children love peanut butter.  We buy the just peanuts smooth and you would think it's as good as a slice of cake.  I get tired of making your standard pb sandwich and occasionally I have been mixing it up. Our latest pb lunch was pb cups with a banana slice and cinnamon.

Bake the wonton wrappers in the oven at 350 until crisp (about 8 minutes).  Fill with peanut butter add a banana slice and top with cinnamon.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Sensory Bin - E-I-E-I-O

I am not a farm kind of gal.  Dare I say I can't stand going to the farm babies at the zoo and often tell the kiddos we just don't have time.  In my defense I am allergic to all things farm, so we just stay away.  That being said I have deep respect for people who farm and I want my children to know where their food comes when they find a tasty dinner on their plates.

Behold the farm!

Mister and Ladybug were the creators (minus the letters) of their sensory bin.  I started out singing "Old McDonald" and then read a farm animals book.  Then, we made a list of things found on a farm and went on a hunt in our playroom for farm animals and farm related objects.  I gave them a choice between beans (I am forgetting which ones) or lentils and they picked lentils.  I am happy they made that choice because we haven't used them a sensory bin and they have a soft texture.

Mister and Ladybug have a tendency to go all out on their sensory bin and then peter out by the second week, so I have a farm words hunt that I will put on the shelf to encourage them to use their sensory bin more.