Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Tis The Season

When you live in the tundra, you spend a lot of time thinking about wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables.  Well, at least I spend a good part of winter thinking about them and when summer rolls around we eat as many from the farm to the table vegetables as possible.  My pizza was fantastic and just my luck I had some italian sausage and kale left over.  The tomatoes were picked in the morning and bought from the Farmer's Market (my tomatoes are just now turning red) and the kale and herbs were picked an hour before I put it on the table and the result was an amazing meal.

What you need
  • 6 beefsteak tomatoes
  • Italian sausage mix
  • 4 more kale leaves - I can't get enough!
  • Parmesan
  • Mozzarella
  • 1/2 cup Cottage cheese — drained
  • Panko crumbs
  • Olive oil
  • Tomato sauce
  • Red wine 
  • Garlic
  • Fresh herbs - thyme, rosemary, and basil.

Cut the tops off the tomatoes and scoop out the insides using a melon baller.  Reserve any juice and tomato pulp for sauce.  Rub the tomatoes with olive oil.

Mix the Italian sausage mix and kale (you can cook the added kale in a heavy pan by heating up the Italian sausage mix), parmesan, mozzarella, and cottage cheese together and stuff your tomatoes.  Top with panko crumbs that have been mixed with olive oil and parmesan.  Bake at 375 for about 25 minutes or just before the tomatoes split.

While the tomatoes are cooking take the tomato reserve and make a sauce using the tomato sauce, garlic, wine (a splash and to taste), and herbs.  Let it simmer while the tomatoes are in the oven.

Pair with spaghetti (I used multi grain) and serve.  

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