Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr. Seahorse

During our ocean study we have read Eric Carle's Mr. Seahorse many times and one day I noticed Mister and Ladybug discussing the pictures, so did our own Mr. Seahorse. First we watched a few videos on his art and then set out to create our own.

This was our second attempt at water color on tissue paper.  First we tried doing it Eric Carle way, but all we had was ripped paper.  I found folding it an having Mister and Ladybug do dots was more effective.

I love the way the colors spread and mixed on the tissue paper

I taped a printout of a seahorse onto their tissue paper and cut it out. 

On a pice of contact paper tissue paper was used to make seaweed.

Here is Ladybug's Mr. Seahorse. 


  1. ooooo I love the flip thing with seaweed and the seahorse below!

  2. This was an evolving project. First we were going to water color sea horses, but the more I learned about Eric Carle's style, the more I wanted to try it out.