Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Sew Cute

My niece turns 7 this month and she is a crafty thing.  She is really into sewing, so I put together a birthday bucket for sewing.  She was so excited to get her very own fabric and sewing book

  • Galvanized bucket
  • Ribbon for handle, bucket, and to tie fabric
  • Paint for initial, name, and polka dots on handle
  • 3 fabrics ranging (1/2 yard - 1 yard)
  • Spool of matching thread


  1. Hello~
    I've been "following" your blog forEVER (though, I just signed up officially)...with that said, I have SO many questions.
    Like you, I am a (former) teacher and have twins. Mine are identical, 13-month-old boys, and while I miss teaching high school, I have to say that staying home with them has been awesome.
    Inadvertently, I have been doing many Montessori-ish activities...which sounds odd because I'm an educator, but being a secondary teacher in CO, we don't really review that model--and while I was always aware of it as a method, I didn't know how closely my own interests and philosophies were to it--until I started to look into activities for L&X.
    I was hoping that you might be able to email me on your (very limited) free-time.
    I know that I haven't actually asked anything, despite typing an incredibly long "comment". I just couldn't find any place to email you on the blog.
    No hard feelings if you are too busy to do this. I'll tune in to read all the incredible things you do with your three.

  2. I included an email and I also sent one off Chandra. Enjoy your boys!