Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dramatic Play - Post Office

Mister and Ladybug's little dramatic play area has been really untouched this summer and I can't blame them since we are actually able to be outside.  However, we have had some hot days and have had to play inside.  During our run of hot days, I created a post office in their playroom and presented it with great enthusiasm.

Before I set up their new post office, we wrote letters to friends and mailed them at the post office.  Unfortunately, the man working at the post office didn't seem interested in playing up our visit.  Ladybug told me that night she didn't really like the post office. 

Sadly, the dramatic play area has been a flop too but it's cute.

On the far wall are stamps.  The mailboxes have letter stickers for putting the correct letter into the mail slot. 

Mister and Ladybug painted a diaper box and I cut out a hole in the front and back for letter mailing and retrieving.

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