Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Forest of Eggs

I hit the mother load at the dollar store last month and these eggs were part of my loot.  Ladybug and Mister spied them in my bag in March and I have been itching to get them out.  The moment I saw the eggs, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. 

Ladybug stuck the eggs in the floral foam so carefully.  Taking them out proved to be more challenging because she found when she pulled on the egg, it came off.  She had to use her thumb and index finger, like holding a pencil, to remove them.

Mister stacked them up to make a giant egg tree.  He explained that the roots were below the green floral foam.  I also love how different his is from Ladybug's work.  He bunched them on the sides and Ladybug made flower rows.

The Wee One had to get her hands on them too, so when the other two were finished I gave her the vase with the eggs.  I had to watch closely to make sure she didn't poke herself.  The exposed side is not a sharp edge, but she is my daughter and I am very clumsy.  The Wee One had a great time taking them out.  She even made a few attempts to put them back in the vase. 

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