Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Prepared Environment

I have been busy setting up our new prepared environment.  This is our favorite room in the house because it gets such great light and faces our little vegetable garden.  This room was our storage room and then my office. When Ladybug and Mister turned one, we made it into a playroom.  It was fun and perfect.  Unfortunately, as they grew the space became cramped. 


After looking into Montessori preschools, which were more of a daycare than a preschool and not wanting to drive 1 hour to get to preschool, we decided to do a little mommy school.  As I have been reading and researching Montessori on my own, I decided we must have a dedicated room for our learning. 

I have tried to make a beautiful and organized space.  Ideally we would have more room, but I am thankful we have a spare room for their learning.  I am awaiting a few items, need to find a larger table, and dress the window, but it is essentially finished.  Let me know if I missed anything. 


  1. It's lovely! I wish I had a spare room to do something like this to!

  2. Thanks! Everyone, including the dog, loves the room.