Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Long Car Trip

Okay maybe a little over 4 hours isn't that long of a car trip, but with 3 kids it had the potential to feel like a lifetime.  We are in the small group of holdouts who don't have a DVD player in the car or a handheld one for the kids.  Not to mention all three of the kiddos are rear facing still, so a built in player wouldn't do us much good.  I was bored in the car and you can be too, right?  Right. 

Anyway G is very interested in the moon and stars and I found a Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System book on tape (my age is showing) CD at the library.  In one word it was perfect.  It was so perfect we listened to it 5 times on the way home.  The Friz and I are like BFFs now.  So, if you have a car trip coming up you need this. 

And just because a picture of the wee one experiencing her first water park.

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