Monday, April 14, 2014

Funny Birds

Ladybug loves art.  She could paint, draw, color, collage, cut, glue, glitter (no, no, no) all day long.  When I stumbled across a James Rizzi birds art lesson from Deep Space Sparkle, it checked off all her artsy crapsy criteria.

We started by watching YouTube videos of James Rizzi art.  During the videos, we would pause and talk about his style of art, his use of bold colors, and the use of a black outline. 

Then, I walked the kids through how to draw a James Rizzi inspired bird.  Since the Wee One is three, I used some really kid friendly language.

First draw an ice cream cone.
Make your ice cream overflow on the sides.
Draw two circles that are kissing (eyes).
Give two dots on the ice cream cone.
Draw a big oval for a body.
Add a straight line down and two sticks for feet.
Add some scallops or zig-zags on the body.
If you want you can add some hair.

The Wee One's bird.  She was so proud!
 We outlined our work in some oil pastels.  This was our first time working with oil pastels and there was a big learning curve. 

Next we added some watercolors.  This was our second attempt after they got a little crazy with their painting.  It was just short of a disaster.

Why yes, those are Santa pajamas in April.  It 14 with the wind chill right now.   
Ladybug's finished bird.  

I loved these birds so much that I put them in frames.  They are whimsical and colorful and really, really awesome. 

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