Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's a Bird's Life

This month is brought to you by the Peregrine Falcon.
Mister has a tendency to get really focused on one thing and will not let it go.  If you guessed his latest obsession is the peregrine falcon. 

" Hey, did you know that the peregrine falcon can fly 200 mph? If it was flying on the highway, it would get a ticket for flying that fast." 

"Did you know they eat other birds?"  

All day long I'm learning about these birds.  Unfortunately, we won't see one of these birds in our backyard, but that's not stopping him from looking every day.  In the meantime, we are learning about birds.

To kick off our month, here is their Backyard Bird Sensory Bin.

  • Green Rice - Grass
  • Seeds for eating
  • Birdhouse
  • Duck Pond
  • Nests
  • Eggs
  • Flower for nectar
  • Insects for eating
  • Labels
  • Backyard Bird Toob plus a hummingbird
  • *I will add a tree when I find a branch (we have no trees and no sod right now) or my trees, which are probably packed in a box.

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