Thursday, February 24, 2011


When I was pregnant with the twins I had to take a leave from my teaching position because I was put on bed rest.  After they were born I realized there was no way I could be the kind of teacher I was and the kind of mommy I wanted to be, so I left my position.  All of my things stayed there for the long term sub to use and let's just say she didn't quite abide by the rule of leaving things nicer than they way you found them.  To make a long story long all my teaching stuff was a mess and I have never had a chance to really go through it. When I was looking for something for G and H I came across a zoo map.  I knew G would love it and I was right.  He spent a good 30 minutes studying the map.  It was a great learning experience because we talked about a map key and a compass rose.

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