Friday, February 11, 2011

Berry Cute Valentine

G and H celebrated Valentine's day at preschool this week.  When I started thinking about the cards I just couldn't bring myself to buy the store ones.  I am one of THOSE parents who doesn't let the kids watch a lot of television.  They get 1-2 episodes of Super Why a week so the thought of buying some random television show Valentine's Day card held no appeal.  Also H loves to craft, so I thought we should make them.  Yup 20 Valentine's Day cards the day before the party. 

I came up with "You are Berry Sweet!" cards with a felt strawberry on the front.  To be fair the picture in this post is not the ones I sent to school because 20 cards less than 24 hours before preschool turns into a rush job.  We used the felt strawberries, but it wasn't nearly this cute.  IF we had had the time this is what we would have made.

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