Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thank You and Thanks - End of the Year Teacher Gift

When you bring home that sweet newborn the days seem so long and if you're my kiddos, then they make sure the nights are long, too.  This is girl.  This Wee One, or Cheese as we call her at home, had a big year.  She became a big sister, started preschool, and moved.  That's a lot of stress for a three-year old, so it's no surprise she will act like a threeager  every so often.
Her teacher and teacher aid were so amazing and provided stability during all of those transitions, so I wanted to do a little something. 

This is literally a little something.  Thanks to the popularity of fairy gardens, my local greenhouse is stocked with miniature plants and miniature pots. 
To make my life even easier, the nursery put them in these adorable boxes.
Plant - $1.99
Pot - $2.99
Thank You Flag - Free made at home
This teacher gift isn't cutting edge, but the it's cute and inexpensive. 

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